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bulletBuild your own Cash-For-Cans GoldCan RVM Business! (With price chart)
bulletBasic information of a GoldCan RVM! (1) used in very good condition at $21,500 / (2) mostly new "scratch and dent" at $21,500 (while supplies last!) / (1) new between $30,000 and $35,000 - Call for unadvertised deals!
bulletView general costs and profits of a real Cash-for-Cans business
bulletGolden Goat RVMs  - Used RVM Golden Goats (1) used at $12,500 / (1) new at $45,000 each
bulletCan counting conveyors (1) new at $35,000
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Used RVMs - Pelican style:




These RVMs are used and are in working condition. They count whole cans so they do not count or credit moisture or plastic or paper bits that may be inserted with cans. These machines also include a magnetic separating system to separate steel cans from aluminum. They can store up to approximately 1,800 to 2,000 pounds of crushed and loose cans. They transport easily when compared with other RVMs. They measure 14 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall and weigh about 4,200 pounds . They are made from sheet metal with a c-channel framed base. The base has forklift holes. Electrical requirements are 50 amps single or three phase for each machine (depending on your needs). These RVMs dispense coins for cans. The machines are priced at $12,500 each. Volume discounts may be available. Contact me for details or further questions that you may have. A new Pelican is $45,000.


bullet Cargo containers:

I now provide cargo containers for the Mid-West. These cargo containers can be used for numerous uses and come in numerous sizes. I sell them "as-is" or custom designed for your specific need. I try to meet and exceed the prices of competitors. Just contact me for details.

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