RVM Operation Principles
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Operation principles of a RVM:              

The machines are very convenient and simple to use. Customers push a button and feed their aluminum cans into the machine. The cans are sorted, crushed and stored in a storage hopper on top of the machine. At the end of the process, the customer is paid with coins, tokens, and/or a receipt is used. For the most part, all RVMs operate the same way in principle.

The machines can be programmed to run parts of  a day or up to 24 hours a day - 7 days a week! This convenience is very attractive to many.

These machines can be modified to read Bar Codes for redemption purposes.

All that is needed to empty the storage hoppers' cans into is a lightweight trailer with sides on it or the bed of a pickup with sides. The trailer or truck bed is placed by the storage door which is then opened to allow the cans to slide out of the RVM. Some companies use a suction system to empty their machines. Contact me for details.

Pictured below is one type of RVM processing system. This system is one of two systems. Not all of the information is mentioned or shown here for the most recent and effective international design, due to business confidentiality.



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