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Please Read this entire page before downloading:

Click here to download the presentation. This folder is a zipped (compressed) file. 

When you are asked to Save or Open the file, select Save. Otherwise, nothing will happen.  Depending on your computer set up, it may take several minutes to download. The compressed folder is 33.4MB in size.

Once on your computer, if your computer does not extract (decompress) the files automatically, you will need to do it manually. If you need a decompression program, I suggest visiting and downloading their trial version.

All of the files are certified virus free. I suggest you read the additional help file for further information.

The presentation is viewed best with the computer screen resolution set at 1024 x 768. A lower resolution setting may incur some loss of presentation function.

Please notice that some of the information on the video has changed since its creation such as contact information. Please refer to the contact information on this site for the most recent information.

You will need to have QuickTime (or equivalent) installed on your computer in order to use the presentation properly. To download the free current version of QuickTime, visit .


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