Generic RVM Proposal
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Attention business property owners/lessees:



Dear Owner/Lessee:


My name is ________________ and I am the owner of ________________.

I have a business proposal which involves the possibility of operating one or more Cash-for-Cans reverse vending machines at one or more of your locations. This opportunity can draw more customers to your property because these machines put cash into their hands - Something businesses usually do not do. In return, customers remember and return where these machines are located because they are so novel in appearance and function.


We would like to place one or two reverse vending machines at one or more of your locations.

We pay to the property owner/lessee, on a monthly basis, a 10% royalty of the total dollars paid out by the RVM for aluminum cans. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION for the business property owner/lessee. Please read on for further details.

About the machines:

Customers get paid in cash for their aluminum cans and often use the cash at businesses nearby.

The machines combine an updated simplistic design along with state of the art electronics. The design is virtually "down time free" thus lending itself to maintain a loyal customer base.

They only take up 1/2 of a parking space and are extremely vandal resistant due to the 3/16" thick metal shell. The machines can be placed in some grassy or gravel areas that are adjoining a parking lot.

They are shaped like a can and measure 8' wide and 14' tall and weigh about 4,700 pounds - About the weight of some mini-vans.

Their shell is decaled or painted to match surrounding buildings. The one pictured here is located in front of a Wal-Mart and is a combination of decals and paint.

The machines are checked and cleaned on a regular basis. A trash receptacle is built into the machine to catch and contain rejected items. This receptacle is totally concealed.

The machines are covered by liability insurance..

The State inspects the machines


There is absolutely no obligation by the property owner/lessee. All functions pertaining to the machines such as installation, operation, insurance, electrical, and upkeep are taken care of by YOUR BUSINESS NAME.

We also go through any necessary permit process with the local government agencies. The property owner is regularly informed of the entire installation process which is usually quite simple.

We provide a simple agreement between the property owner/lessee and YOUR BUSINESS NAME. If for any reason the machine needs to be removed from the store's site, we will remove it. All we ask for is at least 30 days notice.

We supply unparalleled prompt customer support through telephone, postal mail, and e-mail.


The idea is simplistic and effective in providing a valued service that benefits everyone involved.

If you decide to take advantage of this opportunity, please let us know promptly. Before we do anything, we confirm the site location for the machine(s) with the property owner/lessee. Then we fulfill any local government requirements. In all cases, the property owner/lessee is informed throughout the entire process.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this opportunity.

Best Regards,





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