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Build a Cash-for-Cans RVM Business - Ready to go!                                                           

 The business of operating RVMs is quite simple. Once someone has a machine up and running, the business starts itself. It takes very little paperwork and is excellent as either a supplemental income or as an entire business.

Take advantage of the table below to see how you can put your own RVM business together!

From time to time, we come across good deals and will advertise them on this site. We are always open to ideas for other deals or offers - Just drop us a line!

Item Quantity purchased within 12 months** Price Each* (USD)
New "GoldCan" style machines 1 to 3 $35,000 
New "GoldCan" style machines 4 to 9 $32,500
New "GoldCan" style machines 10 + $30,000
New S&D "GoldCan" style machines*** Call for availability $25,500 to 29,500
Heavy Duty hydraulic tilt trailer  1 $29,000
UBC hauling trailer - 16'L 8'W 7'T 1 $4,100
Automated coin counter  1 $1,500
*Automated Recycling reserves the right to modify the above prices due to inventory and material cost fluctuations. Payment procedures are detailed through business proposals. **Call for details - This allows individual purchases to be spread out (all in 12 months) and qualify for quantity discounts as the number of RVMs purchased becomes greater. The quantity discounts would be based upon the above chart. Example: If one purchased 10 RVMs at separate times but all within a 12 month time period, the purchaser would not pay more then $300,000 for the 10 RVMs - Although the first three would have been priced at $35,000 each. Call for further details.

*** These S&D RVMs are "scratch and dent" new RVMs  - Call for availability.


bulletNew GoldCan style machines come with the newest control and flow technology and coin dispensing mechanisms that are designed to be adaptable for use in almost any country. These machines have the most reliable control and flow system I have ever come across. They are also extremely user and operator friendly. This processing system is not displayed on this site due to business confidentiality. Click here to see these machines
bulletA specially designed heavy duty hydraulic tilt trailer for simple, safe, and fast transport of the machines. Click here to see pictures of trailer in action.
bulletOne hauling trailer specially designed for the GoldCan style machines. It measures about 8 feet wide by 7 feet high by 16 feet long - The trailer tongue is not included in these measurements. This trailer design simplifies and speeds up the process of unloading a can machine. There are other ways to unload RVMs - such as using a vacuum truck but in most cases the trailer method is about three times as fast. Click here to see a similar trailer
bulletAn automatic coin counting unit for easy coin accountability. This counter can handle almost all coins around the world. Click here to see counter

 !!! Discounted Shipping & Handling rates may be possible - Call for details!!!



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