New and Refurbished RVMs
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 The new "International User Friendly" internal processing design has been completed and is now the standard design !

The GoldCan machines that are new or refurbished include components that are designed for years of trouble free use. Even the coin mechanisms can handle just about any coin from around the world! 

The GoldCan machines are designed with simplicity in mind. Through years of experience, I realize that by using modern but simple components, the operational downtime is drastically reduced and the operation of processing the cans became much faster and better. These new and refurbished machines are not tied to any certain manufacturer for parts - Which makes replacing things much faster and easier. All the machines have 3/16" (4.8 mm) thick metal sides with high security locks. I am excited to have developed a process system designed with the world wide market in view. The shape characteristics of the machines can be modified to just about any design. The key to the success is the internal design. I still offer limited support for the "Golden Goat" style.


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